Project Title: Cultural cooperation on "Historicism in Backa" and promotion of tourism in the region

Acronym: TIMSUM
Project ID: HUSRB/1903/33/0040
Total Project budget: 232 264,37 euro
EU contribution (IPA): 197 424,71 euro
Start Date: 01.09.2020
End Date: 28.02.2022
Lead Beneficiary: Türr István Museum
Beneficiary 1: Municipial Musum in Subotica

Contact information:
Address: Deák F. street 1, 6500 Baja
Contact person: Emilia Pasztor
Telephone: +36 300 207 0057
Project summary:

The historicism style determines the architectural profile of Subotica and Baja, and there are many artefacts in the museum collections, which has not yet been professionally processed and presented to the professional and general public. This era was the process of development and urbanization in both cities (Baja and Subotica) in the second half of the 19th century, at the turn of the century and partly between the second World Wars. Relations between Baja and Subotica flourished in several areas. This project offers an opportunity for presenting these common points to the inhabitants and the tourists coming here.

This cooperation between Türr István Museum of Baja and Town Museum of Subotica is another station in the longterm relationship between the two institutions. During the implementation of the project they serve the rise of tourist visits and increase of public awareness toward the common cultural heritage.

They renovate two new exhibition halls in order to increase the visibility of built cultural heritage and to jointly organize exhibitions on Historicism in Baja and Subotica. They jointly publish exhibition catalogue, organize international conference on Historicism in Baja and Subotica, and conference book, a summer camp for high school students where they restore decorative frames, listen to lectures and go on city walks. They also offer guided tours with contemporary music and fashion shows from contemporary clothes with roll-ups depicting old photographs of the towns as unique tourist attractions.

To grab the attention of young generation and foreign tourists they offer regular promotion of the project and its activities, programmes, news by mobile application, online museum guide, short films on historical buildings and museum artefacts of Subotica and Baja. The elementary school children will enjoy the programme through museum creativity lessons. For blind and week seeing person there will be special tools to help the perception of the exhibition.